Triple Skill Set
Triple Skill Set

Northwest Properties’ unique triple skill set — real estate developer, long-term owner and manager — allow for its properties to operate more seamlessly. Committed to each for the long-term, Northwest Properties is fully engaged in each phase of a property’s life. A hands on approach to problem solving and a commitment to ethical practices have benefitted Northwest Properties and its clients with longstanding success.


Northwest Properties knows the lay of the land when it comes to developing shopping centres, downtown and suburban office buildings, and mixed-use projects across the Pacific Northwest. In-house expertise in all facets of the development process and a dedication to maintaining high level in-house construction capabilities is the cornerstone of their success.

Northwest Properties' ability to pick the right location and site is well recognized and exemplified by its shopping centres which produce above average sales.

Getting the project done on time and on budget is only part of the Northwest story. What's instrumental to them is a passion for the business — the extraordinary opportunities it offers, and the exciting challenges it presents.


Northwest Properties currently owns and co-owns ten retail properties comprising over 1.25 million square feet in British Columbia and Alberta.

Owning the properties they develop and then managing them, means their stake in each is very high. In a very real sense Northwest Properties is their own client. This ensures they take special care in the development and management of each property, so that they perform as designed over the lifespan of their use.


Northwest Properties takes personal care and pride in every property they manage – large and small. Central to the company’s success is its hands on management approach and the dedication to achieving the highest possible occupancy levels and sales performance.

Northwest Properties' streamlined team structure makes them more nimble and adaptable. Decisions are made and plans implemented more quickly.

Northwest Properties has the ability to maintain operation of a shopping centre throughout redevelopment and construction. The ongoing success of their retail partners and the comfort of shoppers is a key focus.

Northwest Properties employs the most up to date systems and reporting formats.