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Christoph stands as a driving force behind Northwest Properties’ success, blending a sharp sense of collaborative consultation with a hands-on approach that has become the cornerstone of his achievements. As President, he spearheads the overall leasing, operations and asset management of the company’s property portfolio.

Having joined the company in 1990, Christoph dedicated years to gaining experience in every facet of the business, including accounting, property management, leasing, and project management. His journey has been linked with the company’s growth and sustained success. With a Real Estate Trading and Rental Property Management Services License from RECBC, Christoph holds a strategic position within Northwest’s dynamic management team. His oversight spans the entire portfolio and in his multifaceted role Christoph seamlessly connects all of the company’s departments.

Christoph’s ability to effectively track and manage multiple tasks in tandem, coupled with his creative problem-solving skills, sets Northwest Properties apart in a highly competitive market. His amiable nature and innate ability to connect with people further contribute to the company’s distinct edge. Like his father Klaus, Christoph’s leadership style reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring the team continues to thrive under his guidance.

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